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  • Visit from Sir Norman Lamb
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 30 Jan 2024
    Visit from Sir Norman Lamb

    On 11 January Sir Norman Lamb and his wife Mary visited our Thursday rehearsal where they treated to some of our repetoire before collecting a cheque in the sum of £1214.47, the result of our fundraising activities during 2023.  Sir Norman thanked the chorus and outlined some of the many smaller local charities who might benefit from this donation.  Both he and Mary stayed for coffee and biscuits chatting to most of the chorus members.  A lovely evening.
  • Sing into Spring Week 2
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2023
    Sing into Spring Week 2

    How nice to be back, amidst a crowd of interested newcomers!  It made such a difference to our sound to have so many voices in there!  Next week we are to go on to Bar 47 of That's Life (of course revising the parts we sang last night).  Participants will have received the appropriate track already.

    Next week as well as continuing learning  That's life we will be refining the tag we learnt in week 1 and getting to grips with a very interesting round called Liverpool Street Station.  Stand by for some giggles!
  • Sing into Spring Week 1
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 4 Feb 2023
    Sing into Spring Week 1
    Wow what a night 

    Sing into Spring Course week 1. kicked off with a staggering 20 guests joining us;  thank you to Tree  and I think Audrey  the wonderful car park ushers.

    The evening started with a flashmob singing "Let Me Be There"   no warning or introduction, section leaders, started the rest of chorus joined in by the 3rd word of the song. 
    We had vocal warm up,learnt a tag, and jiggled up and down scales so our guests could select a harmony or lead part.   The music team sang That's Life  .. a few rehearsals, it was the first time we all sang together.  You will have heard the tricky bits, dodgy timing and glances at the sheet music.

    Chorus and guests divided into sections to rehearse Tha'ts Life bars 5 to 14.  Regrouping back to Risers we sang and what an amazing sound we made.  Alison set our homework for next week, so refer to your plan starting from bar 1 to and include week 2. 

    Thanks to Cherry and Elyshia for hosting the refreshments; guests were invited to stay and watch chorus work on two songs.

    We sang happy birthday to Alice and a few guests joined us on the Risers for our closing song.

    We must thank the Sing into Spring team for all their hard work to make this event happen, Dawn, Alison and Kate B. Chrissie, and myself ( I ordered the pencils) - Pam ordered badge holders. Apologies if I have missed anyone. I was aware by Wednesday of this week the What's Ap was smoking.  Thank you Kate G for pitchpiping and for bringing the milk.

    Keep safe and keep singing
  • Sing into Spring Course
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 14 Jan 2023
    Sing into Spring Course

    Attached is more information about Norwich Harmony acapella singing and the course including what to wear, bring and expect.  We look forward to seeing some potential new members.  Much more than a weekly sing!
  • EACH Cheque Presentation
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 28 Jul 2022
    EACH Cheque Presentation
    Roy Grage, a representative of EACH came to our rehearsal to receive the proceeds of our Harmony from the Heart concert held in April 2022. We were delighted with the £1409.49 raised and would like to thank everyone who support the concert either by performing, donating raffle prizes, selling tickets and most importantly attending. 
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