About Norwich Harmony

Much more than a weekly sing!

Norwich Harmony is a four part acapella chorus that's getting better all the time.  We recently celebrated our Ruby Anniversary and achieved our best score at the LABBS convention the last time it was held in October 2019 when we presented our pirate package for the first time. 

We are coached by Musical Director Alison Thompson, who is a LABBS singing judge who has judged internationally.  She is assisted by a music team who represent all four sections of the chorus.  Our repetoire is diverse from the Nat King Cole classic When I Fall in Love to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Our membership currently stands at 33 with varying musical abilities but an overriding urge to sing.  We learn through teach tracks and regular coaching sessions both in house and from visiting coaches.

During the pandemic our MD and Music Team worked tirelessly to ensure Zoom rehearsals were as innovative and fun as possible; a poor imitation but it ensured our chorus withstood the pandemic and emerged on the other side ready and excited to return to face to face rehearsals. 

We are part of LABBS, Ladies Association of Barbershop Singers, who organise the annual Convention where choruses from all over the Country meet an compete and share in the joy of close harmony singing.

Covid restrictions meant 2020 convention had to be held online, but choruses still sent videos for their virtual perforances.  With the easing of restrictions in 2021 we were able to hold mini conventions in hubs scattered around the Country.  Norwich Harmony organised the Eastern Hub and for the first time since October 2019 shared in the joy of collective in person singing with other local choruses - a wonderful day

We are delighted to be able to sing together again and returned to the stage at Bournemouth in October 2022, improving on our previous score.


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