We have been involved with a very exciting project lately, and November 10th was a big day.

For some months we have been learning This Is Me, one of the songs from The Greatest Showman. Back in September, we recorded the song, because it is to be used as the audio track for a video being made in collaboration with and support of The Hamlet Centre. Two of our chorus members work there with the children who have learning disabilities and/or complex health needs of various kinds, and the song puts across a very clear message.

On November 10th, we went to the Hamlet Centre to participate in the video part of the recording. There was a crowd there already, with the staff, the children and their families. We sang a few fun songs for them to get everyone comfortable, and then sang This Is Me, and were delighted by the number of people who joined in, singing or signing or both. After a while, many of them joined us on the risers, while the cameras kept rolling, and we finished up by singing very gently to one young lad who didn’t want to enter the room with us, but watched, listened, waved and plainly enjoyed the experience from the other side of the glass. He had learnt a new sign language, in fact, specially for this song, and signed along with great enthusiasm.

We are very much looking forward to the release of the video at the beginning of next month. Watch this space for links!