Convention 2019: Pirates in Llandudno

Our competition songs this year looked a bit different!

We sang as Pirates, starting off with Riding Along on the Crest of A Wave.

Which we followed with Old Cape Cod,

This song featured our MD, ‘Captain Ruby’ going about amidst the crew and seeing what they were up to—thieving bits of treasure, gambling, drinking, cleaning and tidying!

We did well with our Pirate Package, and achieved our highest score yet—70.7!

Natty in our New Jackets

We have new outfits in which to celebrate our Ruby Year, with red polo shirts and splendid red jackets—fleece-lined, showerproof, and with an abundance of pockets!

Venturing Abroad

This year, something new!  Quite a number of our chorus members signed up for the Spanish Convention in Benalmadena in April 2018, in a combined chorus of Norwich Harmony and members from Silver Lining, from Coventry.

Brought to you by the magic of photo manipulation, the women of Norwich Harmony in red boleros, and Silver Lining in blue!

Convention 2017

Pictures are taken of us in our convention finery before we go on stage. Not so sure about the yellow and black background, though!

Now we are on stage. This was the European Convention, so we had a massive Union Jack backdrop.

The team made a herculean effort to get all these dresses made in time, and didn’t they gleam wonderfully on stage!

You can be a butterfly—or just stay larval.

Yes, anything can happen if you let it!

Our fabulously colourful finale!

Coaching Day, May 2017

The lovely Liz Garnett spent a day coaching us in May 2017. Here we are warming up.

New T-shirts and Scarves

Showing off the latest additions to our wardrobe!

Convention 2016

When the curtains opened, this what what the audience saw.

Full attention and ready to sing! Yes, the scene is set for romance.

Our hearts are beating fast!

As Carol completes the introduction, we have our pictures ready.

We each chose a picture of someone—or something—that we love.

And those pictures helped us carry the emotion all the way through to the end of the song.

Learn to Sing Course, 2016

At our Learn to Sing course in January 2016, chorus and course members

Most Improved Chorus, 2015

Most Improved Chorus 2015

A Singout in the Cold!

Rosa jingling the bells for Jingle Bells!

Rosa jingling the bells for Jingle Bells!

And… we won these!

The prize for the Most Improved Chorus, and the rosebowl for Director of the Most Improved Chorus.

Trophy filled with bracelets.

Trophy filled with bracelets.



Convention 2015

Posed 2Posed 1



Final Pose Trios