We sang at St Francis’ Church, Heartsease, on Saturday 7th December, including our first presentation of our ‘Pirate Package’, which went very well. This is a regular concert for us, and it is always a good start to the Christmas season. Usually, chorus members do very well in the raffle, too!

On Tuesday 10th, a reduced chorus made our way over to Barford and Wramlingham’s WI to entertain them. We ended up being able to do a grand reveal of ourselves in our piratical costumes, from behind large wooden folding doors! The concert went very well, and we were delighted to share a very good buffet supper afterwards.

On Saturday 14th we sang at The Forum in Norwich for an hour. A surprising proportion of the audience was canine, as dogs from all over the place were washed, brushed and festively dressed in order to have their photos taken with ‘Santa Paws’. The presence of so many handsome dogs was liable to distract the audience, but we sang our Christmas repertoire plus Bohemian Rhapsody and This Is Me. There were some people from The Hamlet Centre, who joined in with the signing. When our hour was up, we were pretty much frozen, and dispersed in search of warmth!