We went back to Cringleford for our Christmas Party this year, and as usual, self-catering meant that there was a great abundance of delicious food to share!  The hall looked splendidly Christmassy and the tables very festive.

We were welcomed with a ‘pairing game’ masterminded by Judy, who labelled our backs with one half of a famous partnership: we had to guess our own name and then find our partner.  This set things merrily in train!

After an excellent meal, members of the chorus entertained one another, with such highlights as Mavis’ poetry reading, the Follow The Dots Christmas In Three and a Half Minutes, and Pam presenting a poem while dressed in an inflatable turkey costume.  Not to be forgotten!

Even with the washing up and tidying to be done, it was a lovely evening, and as everybody pitched in as best they could, the necessary work was made light.

Merry Christmas, everybody!