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Norfolk Day, 2018

As part of the general Norfolk Day celebrations, there was an all-day event in Norwich Cathedral, featuring a number of different choirs and other musical acts.  Fine City Chorus sang at 6pm, and we were scheduled to be the last performers of the evening, starting at 8.30pm.

We warmed up in the Priors Hall—although as the weather was still un-British in its heat, some of us were trying quite hard to cool down!  Then we processed into the cathedral, where we heard the tail end of the ukelele players’ performance before taking our places.

What a magnificent building it is!  The sound shimmers in the air, and it is a most exciting experience to sing there.  We had just half an hour, but we came away hoping that we will get the chance to do it again.

As we retreated to the Priors Hall to change back into cool civvies, a sinister gentleman who was conducting a Ghost Walk around the city congratulated us on our singing.  Another first for us!

The Plantation Gardens, 22nd July

During this unusually hot and sunny summer, we were lucky enough to be invited to perform in the Plantation Gardens in Norwich.

What a charming venue!  It’s like a little pocket of Victorian paradise, a garden in what was once a chalk pit and is now bright and colourful.  We also added a new warm-up venue to our collection—we’ve never warmed up next to a compost heap before, and once in a while the local, er, pungency was a bit startling to the singer’s throat.

Singing outside can often be very hard work as the sound tends to float away, but because the garden is shaped like a giant bath, and we had a wall at our backs, the accoustic turned out to be rather good.  There were lots of people enjoying the gardens in the sunshine, and they seemed to enjoy us, too.  And none of us actually melted, though it was very hot!  Our singout was followed by very welcome cups of tea and slices of excellent cake, and several of the audience members complimented us afterwards.

Long Stratton, two singouts in one day

We had a bright, sunny day for our singout at the Fun Day in Long Stratton on 1st July.  Neither our MD, Alison, nor her deputy, Carol, could be there, so it was the lovely Annie who took us through our pieces.  We were on the bandstand, which made it quite easy for us to hear one another, and although we weren’t sure how well the sound carried, members of the audience told us they had heard and enjoyed the performance.  Afterwards, we were able to wander round the many stalls for a while before moving on to our second singout of the day.

This was in the Mayfields Nursing Home, and was a more cosy and relaxed affair.  The residents enjoyed themselves, some of them singing along happily or conducting us.


Norwich Harmony is delighted to congratulate our brothers (and husbands!) in Fine City Chorus—and of course their MD Carol, who is one of our members—on their recent success at the BABBS Convention.  Well done, all!

Coaching Day 12th May 2018

Many of the chorus were able to attend a Coaching Day on 12th May with the lovely Dr Liz Garnett teaching us how to swing! It was a lot of work, rewarding, and also fun, with a human percussion section and some very entertaining metaphors.

Afterwards, many of us went for a generous and enjoyable Afternoon Tea together at the Britannia Café, and of course sang a few songs for the sheer pleasure of it.

Thirty-five years in harmony!

One of our members has been away on an extended visit to Australia, but on her return we had a ceremonial presentation at the end of the evening’s rehearsal. Annie has been a member of LABBS for thirty-five years, and now has a certificate and a special badge to say so.

Music Education

Nine members headed to Birmingham for the LABBS Music Education Day, and had an interesting and useful time at sessions like Making the Most of Ballads, Rhythm Workshop, Song Research, andach, Brass Bands, Barbershop—influences from other musical genres.

It’ll probably take us all some time to get our heads around the information, but it was a useful and enjoyable experience.

The Spanish Convention

The SABS convention experience was a great success. Combined chorus Silver Harmony came in 6th with a score of 71.2%, and quartet New Dawn scored 65.7% and were placed 9th. Members have described it as very relaxing and a lot of fun.

Venturing abroad

During the early months of the year a large part of the chorus spent quite a bit of time rehearsing for a new venture—joining up with Coventry-based Silver Lining to compete at the Spanish convention in Benalmadena at the beginning of April. Unfortunately the big joint rehearsal was completely disrupted by the Beast From The East which deposited snow everywhere in the country!

New Risers!

Great excitement as we have at last replaced our risers with a new, lightweight, easy to transport set. It took quite a bit of work to figure out the best way to set things up, and to teach the whole chorus what to do, but we now find that set-up can be quick, with lots of members able to get involved with the work now that it does not involve heavy lifting. And our Chairman managed to sell the older risers to other choruses around the country.

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