Month: November 2019

Recording at the Hamlet Centre

We have been involved with a very exciting project lately, and November 10th was a big day.

For some months we have been learning This Is Me, one of the songs from The Greatest Showman. Back in September, we recorded the song, because it is to be used as the audio track for a video being made in collaboration with and support of The Hamlet Centre. Two of our chorus members work there with the children who have learning disabilities and/or complex health needs of various kinds, and the song puts across a very clear message.

On November 10th, we went to the Hamlet Centre to participate in the video part of the recording. There was a crowd there already, with the staff, the children and their families. We sang a few fun songs for them to get everyone comfortable, and then sang This Is Me, and were delighted by the number of people who joined in, singing or signing or both. After a while, many of them joined us on the risers, while the cameras kept rolling, and we finished up by singing very gently to one young lad who didn’t want to enter the room with us, but watched, listened, waved and plainly enjoyed the experience from the other side of the glass. He had learnt a new sign language, in fact, specially for this song, and signed along with great enthusiasm.

We are very much looking forward to the release of the video at the beginning of next month. Watch this space for links!

Convention 2019

Or, A Wet Weekend in Llandudno

As usual, we set off before the sun rose, piling ourselves and our props into the coach for the long journey westwards. Not that we saw much of the sun beyond the rosy fingers of dawn, as it rained all day. The journey in fact went quite smoothly, although when we arrived at our hotel, not all the rooms were yet ready for us.

Members went to Venue Cymru, or to look around the shops, or in some cases stayed in their rooms to avoid the rain! The evening saw us watching the Quartet Finals and the evening show, Make Your Own Kind of Music, with Irish Quartet champions Lady Barbalade, BHS Mixed Quartet Champs Scramble, LABBS Quartet Champions Avalon, and international guests The OC Times.

It was still raining on Saturday morning when we smuggled our Treasure Chest into the Centre, to hide it backstage until our performance late that afternoon, and still raining as we assembled at the hotel where our rehearsal room was booked. Unfortunately the hotel had also managed to book the space for another chorus, but our MD has Connections and secured for us a lovely rehearsal room within the Convention Centre, and as we assembled in there, the sun came out, and we had a fabulous view of the bay and the distant horizon (with wind farm).

We were second-to-last on the competition stage, and our Pirate package was very well received—we even had to fight off audience members who were interested in the contents of the Treasure Chest!

To our great pride, we continue to be a 70+ chorus, having achieved a score of 70.7%, and coming in twelfth of the twenty-eight entrants.

That evening was the Handbags and Gladrags show with 2019 Quartet champions Sound Central and Chorus Champions Amersham Acappella, plus the LABBS QC Chorus, BABS Chorus Champions Hallmark of Harmony, and The OC Times. The party theme was ‘anything Welsh’, and although most of us decided that Pirates could be Welsh, we did also have a Sheep and a Daffodil amongst us!

The Sunday morning show featured the Bronze and Silver quartets and Choruses (Spinnaker and The White Rosettes), Youth quartet champions Neapolitan, BABS Quartet champions Sound Hypothesis, and of course the OC Times. After which we piled ourselves back into the coach, sang cheerfully and got back to Norwich for about 8pm. And it wasn’t raining!

Appropriately in this year of many cakes, we had another celebration cake on the Thursday following Convention, then we buckled down to get on with our Christmas repertoire.

To see our Pirate performance, go here.

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